The “Puxada de rede” ritual comes from various artistic groups of Capoeira. He talks about half the fish using a network known as Xereu. It is a fish with a dark color of meat, in which the north-eastern coast of Brazil is rich.

This story is about showing an episode from the life and work of “black” people in Bahia, which was rich in religious poetry, music and various holidays.

“Puxada de rede” is repeated over many years showing the same ceremony and rituals from the old days. It is a tradition that does not die because it depends on the survival of thousands of families.

“Puxada de rede” represents the strength, energy of life, body, and each pull of the network demonstrates the hard work of fishermen, during which they sing to evoke the protection of patrons.

This ritual is filled with Atabaques (drums) as well as synchronous body movements that depict sacrifice, feast and pleasure.