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Group exercise incorporates dance and aerobics. Strength Conditioning.

Our No Risk Plans

Different options availabel for flexibilyty. Don't stress Yourself


Single Class kids


  • Single Class per person
  • Best flexibility
  • Tusday / Tursday mixed kids/adults
  • Capoeira Conditioning
  • Physical exercise
  • Strength


Single Class Adults


  • Single Class per person
  • Best flexibility
  • Wednesday / Saturday class Adults only
  • Capoeira Conditioning
  • Cardio
  • Strenght

Most Flexible

Monthly Classes Pass


  • Capoeira Conditioning
  • Group Classes
  • Cardio Fitness
  • Fat Burner Sessions
  • The Roda
  • Music and Instruments

Classe FAQ

What should I bring for first classe?

As a beginner, you can get away with tracksuit bottoms and a T-shirt but not one that is too big, because you’ll often be upside down and don’t want it over your face. Capoeira Gerais group has r own unique uniform (basically, loose white pants and a branded top), so if you attend regularly you will probably need to invest. You can go barefoot, or wear nonslip lightweight shoes, such as those designed for pilates or other low-impact indoor workouts.


What is new students age restrictions?

Answer is simple, no age restrictions, for adults and minimun 4-5 years old for kids.


Can I cancel my membership in Club?

If You don’t feeling comfortable with monthly fees for Joining Club, You can always chose out “Pas As You Go” option and pay individually for each classe.


Why should I Choose Capoeira Gerais Dublin?

We are located in “Glin Road Sports Hall” Dublin North. Free parking. Its fun way of discovering new culture, music. Its way to discover and shape “New You”. You will feel like new person. Capoeira Gerais Club is about YOU. It’s not about what the person next to you is doing or about how high the person in front of you is kicking; but it is about your goals and your development. We are confident that if you give our capoeira program a try, you will accomplish your goals; whether it be weight loss, muscle toning, self-defense, or become a capoeira master.
You can do it here!


What if I’m not up to shape?

That’s not a problem, no one expecting You to instructor on first classe, we are here to educate You, help to improve overall fitness level. Unless you are a natural athlete, it will take a some time to be able to play capoeira like a pro.


It’s not just a workout.

You may want to take up capoeira because it looks so good and gives you such a fantastic physical workout, but a true capoeirista should learn about the culture and history associated with it, learn to play the instruments and sing the songs.


What if I had previous injuries?

This should’t be a problem, as long You fit to exercises and consulted a doctor.


Our Capoeira Geriais Club is located @

Glin Road Sport Hall,

Coloock, Dublin,


GPS 53.400197, -6.205703.

Open for all who wants to be a part of our Club. No age restrictions.