Manuel Henrique,

1897 – 1924,

Son of Joao Grosso and Maria Haifa, student of the former slave Tio Alipio, teacher of Cobrinh Verde.


“If you want to become a master, you must first learn to be a student”

The slave Tio Alipio had trained him since he was a child, he gave him the greatest secrets of Capoeira.

In Santo Amaro da Purticacao he got the name of Besuoro Manganga because of his flexibility of movements, unusual acrobatic combinations in the air.

Besuoro was strong and possessed the soul of a man of adventure. It was impossible to force him to abandon Capoeira, he did not have any profession. He liked to be independent. He did not accept the fact that the slaves were deprived of all rights, always pleading for the weaker.

Because of this, he had enemies in the slave and police owners. He, too, did not like the police, constantly fighting with them. The police could not take him, suddenly disappeared as if he had fallen under the ground.

As a sign of courage, he wore a gold earring in his left ear. There are countless stories of his fights with the police.

Besuoro was defeated during one of the fights, when he was attacked with a knife from the back.

Today Besuoro is considered the symbol of Capoeira in all of Bahia.

He is known for his courage and Manging.